Bunbury By-Election -Big Swing to Eddisbury & Weaver Vale Lib Dems

Bunbury By-Election 22nd March 2018


A BIG THANKS TO BUNBURY from Mark Ireland-Jones

‘I would like to thank everyone that helped in anyway in the by-election, your time and efforts were very much appreciated, it was my first foray into elections, I enjoyed it, I am much fitter having walked miles and learnt a huge amount!

Although we didn’t win we took a good share of the vote and both Labour and the Greens had reduced shares compared to last time so we have re-established ourselves as the main challengers to the Conservatives.Our campaign was well received giving us a good base for May 2019!

CON: 53.3% (-16.9)
LDEM: 27.5% (+27.5)
LAB: 14.3% (-3.4)
GRN: 4.8% (-7.2)


Report from Lib Dem North West Region Spring Conference 2018 – Daniela Parker and John Edwards

Excellent performance from the Eddisbury and Weaver Vale team on Saturday 16th March with both Vera and Paul Roberts extremely capably chairing and generally being their usual supportive selves.

Special mention also to Daniela Parker who stole the show with her well practiced and smooth delivery on the leasehold policy motion (with a strong summation from Paul again).Conference endorsed this unanimously.

John Edwards eloquently presented his radical new motion regarding lifting pensioners from poverty, which was also unanimously supported by conference. Thanks also to Ian Priestner for his excellent summation. It was backed by Andrew Haldane who tipped it as having the potential to be passed by Federal conference and put his support behind supporting John and our local party in achieving this goal.

Good to see E&WV members making such an impact on Policy.


Bunbury By-Election UPDATE

Our by-election campaign in Bunbury is going very well. Mark Ireland-Jones and the team have been busy delivering our third Focus leaflet and canvassing across the ward.Many local members, our Councillors and even certain members of the House of Lords have been helping out too. The reception on the doorstep has been very positive indeed. Only 11 days to go !!

Bunbury is a Ward in Cheshire East Council and the by-election takes place on the 22nd March 2018

You can find a copy of the latest Focus Leaflet is HERE

Richard Dawson -EWV LibDems Campaign team



Great Start to Bunbury Canvassing (albeit a cold wet one)

The Eddisbury & Weaver Vale team hit the Bunbury by-election campaign trail today, led by Mark Ireland-Jones.
Despite it being cold, wet and windy, we contacted many people most of whom were glad to see us and keen to raise varied issues including buses, potholes and our Beeston Castle and Tarporley Station Campaign (petition HERE)

We all defrosted over coffee afterwards at the excellent Tilly’s Cafe in the heart of the village.

If you would like to help at the next door knocking event, please contact Mark on 07810 637233.

Andy Hyde 

Politics in a Pub -January – Keith Hinde

Politics in a Pub reached The Gate, Winsford on Thursday. Lively discussions across three tables covered NHS and Social Care funding, Cross Party commissions,Social Media, Closures at Ellesmere Port, giving up on reversing Brexit, MP lobbying, Pensioner poverty, Housing, opportunities of May 2019 CWaC elections, the reshuffle, Farage’s 2nd referendum.

Some time was spent on planning support for the Alyn and Deeside by-election, party going over Saturday (12th)  and the anticipated Bunbury by-election.

Keith Hinde

Our Annual General Meeting

We had a great AGM on Thursday. Attendance was good despite the cold weather and several local residents also joined us at the Bunbury Village Pavillion.

Dick Newby, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords was our Guest Speaker

After the formal AGM business was completed and new Executive was elected Dick gave us a fantastic insight into the crisis in our Public Services and of course Brexit.

The main themes that came across were that it is clear that Brexit is consuming almost all the bandwidth at the centre of Politics and Government. Its distracting attention resources and money from so many other issues in the country that need urgent attention.Our public services are in a very real crisis and intergenerational inequality is increasing it’s clear that Brexit can be stopped but it will be hard to do. Despite an unfolding crisis, public opinion is not (yet) shifting so we must redouble of efforts as an effective local campaigning force on the issue.

We had a lively Q&A session to finish off with great questions from members and residents on the NHS, Prisons, and Brexit.

We’re looking forward to another busy year campaigning hard locally and getting ready for the 2019 local elections in Cheshire East and Cheshire West and Cheshire. Our membership is growing and our finances are healthy we are optimistic about our prospects in 2018.

Our Membership Officer Keith Hinde receives the North West Liberal Democrats Presidents Award from our guest speaker Dick Newby,

Richard Dawson – EWV Liberal Democrats Exec Member





Report on the ALDC Kickstart Weekend (24th to 26th November) : Daniela Parker

Kickstart is the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors (ALDC) flagship training event. Held twice a year, it is a residential training course over two days. It includes a training session on all aspects of campaigning as well as team-by-team mentoring to ‘kick-start’ your campaign into action.

Being a relatively new Liberal Democrat, and having only recently decided I may like to stand in the next council elections, I decided that this Kickstart weekend would be a great place to start. I did attend some of the ALDC training sessions and conference and got a lot from them, but they seemed to be aimed towards areas with big local parties, dedicated campaigner bases, and some councillors already in post. Therefore it was the mentoring that I was most looking forward to a kickstart, well that and the political conversation with likeminded individuals.

The mentoring did not disappoint. The Eddisbury and Weaver Vale team (of 4) were mentored by Councillor Heather Kidd. A councillor for Shropshire she was originally elected in 2009 and re-elected with 81% of the vote in 2013, and again in 2017 with 78% of the vote, so we were in very capable hands. Heather discussed with me the issues in my local ward, where I hope to stand, and talked me through some ideas. First and foremost fundraising so that we can start putting out focuses. I came away with a clear idea of what I wanted to do to start my campaign, and with some ideas of how I could do that. In fact, within a couple of hours of getting home, I started getting involved with a local campaign with my local resident’s group. Not for political purposes but because I could see it was the right thing to do, and now I had some ideas of how to take it forward.

Between the 4 of us, we attended as many training sessions as we could, including ‘Focus and Campaign Literature’, “Being an Agent’, ‘Social Media and Online Campaigns’, ‘Fundraising’, ‘Knocking on Doors’ and ‘Community Campaigning’.  For me, all of these training sessions brought new ideas, and tried and tested ideas for effective campaigns. For more experienced campaigners I was told it was reassuring to know they were doing the right thing, picking up new ideas, and an opportunity to discuss theirs with other Lib Dems.

I took an awful lot away from Kickstart that I hope to put into practice in the coming months. However for me, there was one clear highlight, I was lucky enough to win a bottle of Champagne in the raffle which Tim Farron (see picture) very kindly signed for me. He said to me “Make sure you save that to celebrate your first election win”, and I very much hope that I get that opportunity. Kickstart was certainly the first step on that road.

If you are interested in supporting any of our local campaigns please do not hesitate to contact me on [email protected]. Alternatively, come and find me at our AGM on 7th December, or at the next Policy in the Pub or Liber-tea events. All of these events will be emailed to you or found on the local Facebook page or in the regular local Newsletter.