Northwich residents give us feedback on Brexit and their local priorities


We held a street stall in Northwich today and have some great conversations with dozens of Northwich Residents. We spoke to a few potential new members too!!

The main concerns people raised were as follows:

1. We ran a ‘Brexitometer’ and you can see the results for your self in the picture!

2.The distinctly below average performance of Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC)

3.An overwhelming no to the idea of parking charges at Baron’s Quay?

4.A big no to Tata’s plan to incinerate 50% more waste

5. Comments on Victoria Infirmary (VIN) included :

  • We need VIN but I don’t mind where is located
  • VIN is such a useful resource
  • VIN must not be changed – it offers a fantastic service
  • Keep VIN as it is a local resource, don’t send services to Leighton
  • We need to keep it in town as some people have trouble travelling outside.
  • There should be a hydro pool
  • Concern that there are no adult autism services

6. We have a flourishing town centre, but we must get some retailers into the vacant space in Baron’s Quay

7. General concerns were expressed about :

  • Roads and general infrastructure
  • Pensions
  • Junior doctors workload
  • Not enough schools and GP’s for new housing
  • Builders charging management fees of typically £250 a year to manage green spaces which should be funded by CWaC.
  • The ‘Leasehold Ground Rent Scandal ‘ affecting newly built houses
  • Too many bins, CWaC should copy Cheshire East
  • A feeling that CWaC is too Chester centric

It was a very productive morning and we look forward to hearing a lot more from people across the area as our campaign for the May 2019 Local Elections gathers pace.

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Lib Dem National Day of Action Street Stalls Frodsham+Northwich 6+8th Sept

As part of the Lib Dem National Day of Action we are holding two Street Stalls one in Frodsham (10.00 am to 14.00 ) this Thursday (6th September) in Main Street outside the former Nat West branch and the other next Saturday (8th September) in Witton Street, Northwich from 09:00-13: 00.

Alongside our Campaign, for an ‘Exit from Brexit’, we want to find out what Local and National Issues matter most to local people: It’s a great chance to raise our profile ahead of the May 2019 Local Elections too.

It will be interesting to see what issues come up perhaps

-Proposed Parking Charges at Barons Quay?

-Proposed movement of Health services at Victoria Health centre to Leighton?

–Frodsham Neighbourhood Plan?

-The campaign for the public to have the final say on Brexit?

It would be great if you could come along and have a chat we want to hear from you.

Our Annual General Meeting

We had a great AGM on Thursday. Attendance was good despite the cold weather and several local residents also joined us at the Bunbury Village Pavillion.

Dick Newby, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords was our Guest Speaker

After the formal AGM business was completed and new Executive was elected Dick gave us a fantastic insight into the crisis in our Public Services and of course Brexit.

The main themes that came across were that it is clear that Brexit is consuming almost all the bandwidth at the centre of Politics and Government. Its distracting attention resources and money from so many other issues in the country that need urgent attention.Our public services are in a very real crisis and intergenerational inequality is increasing it’s clear that Brexit can be stopped but it will be hard to do. Despite an unfolding crisis, public opinion is not (yet) shifting so we must redouble of efforts as an effective local campaigning force on the issue.

We had a lively Q&A session to finish off with great questions from members and residents on the NHS, Prisons, and Brexit.

We’re looking forward to another busy year campaigning hard locally and getting ready for the 2019 local elections in Cheshire East and Cheshire West and Cheshire. Our membership is growing and our finances are healthy we are optimistic about our prospects in 2018.

Our Membership Officer Keith Hinde receives the North West Liberal Democrats Presidents Award from our guest speaker Dick Newby,

Richard Dawson – EWV Liberal Democrats Exec Member





Opinion: What We Lib Dems Need to Do Now : Cllr Malcolm Gaskill

I have just been reading comments from some of our worthy members across the Country on the subject of how relevant the Lib Dems are to the voting public.

We are winning local Council seats – true. But we cannot get past 10% in the national opinion polls.
I am the first to admit that national opinion polls are no guide to local elections- I won my first seat in 1999 with 65% of the vote when we were around 11% in the national opinion polls.But the Polls will not move for us until we have something tangible to offer

What we need right now is develop two or three policies that resonate with the Liberal minded voters from all Parties, especially the millennials [25-40].

Corbyn promised them a land of milk and honey in his June General Election Manifesto. Tuition fees debt- gone. Hundreds of thousands of affordable homes built. A promise to stay in the Customs Union and the Common Market- even though he has been a lifelong critic of the European Union and almost certainly voted to leave.

What he didn’t say was how we got to this promised land who was to finance the journey and when would we arrive. Corbyn was gambling on a General Election before Christmas. As it is, his promises and policies are crumbling under scrutiny. He won’t be able to pull off the same trick twice.

So let us shout from the rooftops where we stand on just three issues:

  1. We would add a penny in the pound to income tax, the proceeds to go directly from the Taxman to the NHS and not into the bottomless pit of the Exchequer.
  2. There is a movement afoot to campaign for a fairer voting system –proportional representation to be introduced for Parliamentary and local elections. This welcome move is supported by numerous Labour MP’s, the Greens, the SNP, the Lib Dems and yes even UKIP. The myth that ‘First past the post’ produces stable governments is not borne out by the facts of the last three general elections. Let us use Facebook, this website, and other social media to see what the reaction is from the local voting public for a fairer voting system.
  3. So far I have avoided mentioning Brexit with good reason. Nearly 17 million electors voted to leave and every day that passes they are in receipt of more bad news. Whether it is their Job that is being exported, their food bills going through the roof or the fact that ever lengthening waiting lists for hospital beds due to staff shortages as trained doctors and nurses head back home to Europe mean they and their loved ones cannot get the medical help they need.
    They do not need us to bang on at them saying “ we told you so” What we need to point out is they can change their mind when they are ready to do so.
    The Lawyer who wrote the Article 50 which we triggered in March 2017 has repeatedly told the Government It be can be reversed and we can then take our time to negotiate a carefully orchestrated withdrawal from Europe keeping as many as the good bits as we are allowed. But it will be at a price. It cannot however be as bad as jumping out of the aeroplane, when the only passengers with a parachute [ land, money, property, overseas accounts ] are the landed gentry of the Tory party such as Rees- Mogg and Redwood.

Cllr Malcolm Gaskill 

Please feel free to leave a comment below:

We are delighted to announce that Dick Newby ,Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords will be our Guest Speaker at our AGM

We are delighted to announce that Dick Newby, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords will be our Guest Speaker at our AGM on 7th December at the Bunbury Village Pavillion.

Dick worked for the Social Democratic Party (SDP) for its whole life and was its chief executive from 1983-88. He has worked on all subsequent Lib Dem General Election campaigns, as press officer to Paddy Ashdown (1992), Deputy Campaign Chairman (1997) and subsequently as a member of the Campaigns and Communications Committee. He was also Charles Kennedy’s Chief of Staff during his period as Leader.

He was created a life peer with the title Baron Newby, of Rothwell in the County of West Yorkshire in 1997.

He was Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Treasury Parliamentary Party Committee from 2010 until May 2012. He then became a Minister as Deputy Government Chief Whip and Liberal Democrat Chief Whip in the House of Lords.

As Leader of the 101 Lib Dem Lords, he will be at the very heart of the Brexit legislative process and the battle for an ‘Exit from Brexit’ 

Dick will speak at about 8.15pm after the formal AGM business is completed: we expect the meeting to finish about 9.30pm. Light refreshments will also be served.

As campaigners in the community it’s important to understand the views and priorities of fellow residents – particularly those who share our vision for a fairer, more democratic and outward-looking Britain – so we would like to meet you.

Eddisbury and Weave Vale Residents wishing to attend please contact us HERE or email [email protected]

#StopBrexitManchester March October 1st

Several Eddisbury and Weaver Vale members attended Kay Carson from Bunbury commented that there was a ”Peaceful and determined crowd. We marched against Brexit. From every speaker: Vince Cable, Jolyon Maugham, Alison McGovern, Bonnie Greer, AC Grayling, Alastair Campbell (playing bagpipes) : Democracy is a process. Let the government be held to account for the Brexit deal it negotiates if it is not good for our country we should exit Brexit.”

Our very own Charlie West took this great selfied with Vince Cable too.