About Us

We are organized as Eddisbury and Weaver Vale Liberal Democrats covering both Constituencies.You can find out more details on the area covered by Eddisbury HERE and Weaver Vale HERE.

We are the local branch of the Liberal Democrat political party.

We currently have 300+ signed-up members in Eddisbury and Weaver Vale

Liberal Democrats provide an open, liberal voice for your community. As a party, we believe in power being vested where it makes a difference – championing the voice of local councils, and the issues of local people. We believe that it is the duty of the state, whether it is the national government or your parish council, to enable all citizens to foster creativity, embrace diversity, and contribute fully to their local communities.

The Liberal Democrats are proud of being the only UK party to unequivocally back the UK’s membership of the European Union, seeking to embrace participation and reform of the Union, to deliver the best it can for everyone in the UK. But we can deliver so much more. If you want to find the full range of our policies, you can read the latest version of our manifesto HERE.

At the local level, we campaign on practical issues that make a difference, whether it is local planning, bus routes, the unitary authority, or so much more. We are always open to hearing from you on what is most important to you, so please get in touch HERE with us if you have a cause that should be championed. We have regular meetings where issues can be raised, and we will always seek to help where we can.

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