Our new Online Meeting and Social Events

During the COVID-19 Crisis and as the Lockdown unwinds, we have suspended our in-person meetings and events but have plenty of online meetings and social events. These are open to Members, Registered Supporters and anyone who would like to attend. If you are not a member or registered supporter please get in touch for details of how to join our meetings.

Please check our Facebook Page HERE for more details or Get in Touch HERE.

Current Schedule 

Thursday 25 June 7.30pm – Basic income, what are the options, should this be Lib Dem policy?

Sunday 28 June 11.30am – Should we cooperate formally with other parties?

Sunday 5 July 11.30am – What is the new normal, what changes do we want to keep, can they be part of a Lib Dem manifesto?

Thursday 16 July 7.30pm – Local democracy. What should we be doing on the ground?

Sunday 26 July 11.30am – 2 months on from George Floyd. Racism will not have gone away, what should we be doing?

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