May 2019 Local Elections Campaign Update : Farndon Ward Campaign well underway!

Paul Roberts and Daniela Parker were out canvassing again this morning. This time in support of Paul’s campaign for the May 2019 elections for CWAC Farndon Ward. Paul was joined by Jane Dodds Leader of the Welsh Lib Dem’s !! Daniela says ‘It was excellent discussing campaigning strategy with her and picking up ideas for our campaigns across Weaver Vale and Eddisbury. We are looking forward to renewed campaigning in 2019 and raising the Lib Dem profile across the area’

Our latest Farndon Ward Focus Leaflet was delivered in November and can be downloaded HERE 

The new Cheshire West Council elected in 2019 is likely to be finely balanced between Labour and the Tories, so just a small group of Lib Dem Councillors could be in a position to decide how the next Council is run.


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