Northwich residents give us feedback on Brexit and their local priorities


We held a street stall in Northwich today and have some great conversations with dozens of Northwich Residents. We spoke to a few potential new members too!!

The main concerns people raised were as follows:

1. We ran a ‘Brexitometer’ and you can see the results for your self in the picture!

2.The distinctly below average performance of Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC)

3.An overwhelming no to the idea of parking charges at Baron’s Quay?

4.A big no to Tata’s plan to incinerate 50% more waste

5. Comments on Victoria Infirmary (VIN) included :

  • We need VIN but I don’t mind where is located
  • VIN is such a useful resource
  • VIN must not be changed – it offers a fantastic service
  • Keep VIN as it is a local resource, don’t send services to Leighton
  • We need to keep it in town as some people have trouble travelling outside.
  • There should be a hydro pool
  • Concern that there are no adult autism services

6. We have a flourishing town centre, but we must get some retailers into the vacant space in Baron’s Quay

7. General concerns were expressed about :

  • Roads and general infrastructure
  • Pensions
  • Junior doctors workload
  • Not enough schools and GP’s for new housing
  • Builders charging management fees of typically £250 a year to manage green spaces which should be funded by CWaC.
  • The ‘Leasehold Ground Rent Scandal ‘ affecting newly built houses
  • Too many bins, CWaC should copy Cheshire East
  • A feeling that CWaC is too Chester centric

It was a very productive morning and we look forward to hearing a lot more from people across the area as our campaign for the May 2019 Local Elections gathers pace.

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